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Aleph Bet: A Mystery

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The Hebrew Aleph-Bet: move forward by returning

Yeshua, Noah, Abraham, Elijah, Isaiah. What do these names have in common? If you have been reading the Bible for a certain time, you may have noticed that names are key in God's HIStory. Whether a place, someone's name, an event of a feast, the letters of a word give many hints about its essence and purpose. Sometimes the name is even changed after certain events or declarations. Why? The Bible records that Adonai has many attributes and titles by which we see how he interacts with and affects His creation. If Adonai's Name reveals His character...then our own names can reveal our character, yes?

Yes they can!

In my most uneducated understanding, Hebrew letters can be described as various yet dynamic spiritual channels of the divine light, just like the names of מלאכים (malachim: angels, messengers), describe their specific divine tasks to mankind. Therefore “The more we can utilize the energy intelligences of the Hebrew letters, the better our service to God becomes.” (Robert M. Haralick)

A few examples:

Shin-Lamed-Mem (ש.ל.מ), are the root letters of the quintessential Hebrew greeting “Shalom” (Peace). We not only say Hi! with Shalom, we also say Goodbye!. Digging deeper, we find also: ש (Shin: teeth, destruction), “s” (Sun) or “sh” (Sharon) sounds; ל (Lamed: staff, authority) and מ (Mem: water, chaos, destruction). Hebrew reads from right to left, therefore, one meaning of ש.ל.מ: is ''destroy the authority that brings chaos, to experience peace''. Rather cool, isn't it?

Martin Shoub (Shoub comes from “Teshuva”, or Return). One of his books is Return to Me. He also works for two Jewish organizations called Return Ministries and Tikkun International. Tikkun also means “restoration" (return). Mystery or divinely ordained path?

Jonathan Cahn, is a messianic Jewish rabbi, pastor, speaker and writer. His last name, Cahn, also means Cohen, which is the Hebrew word for priest. Interesting. In one interview, he shares how the name “Ananias'” is the Greek form of the Hebrew name “Hananiah”, or “Grace of God”. In the story of Shaul's conversion, Hananiah led him to recover his sight and to Messiah. The “grace of God” led Sha'ul to salvation. Another interesting fact, yes? And these are just a handful of Hebrew insights, among thousands, buried deep under centuries of assimilation and mistranslations.


At the core, we all need to love, be loved, and accepted for who we are. Yet, sadly, many walk or suffer debilitating diseases, addictions, confusion, depression and sadness, spending thousands of dollars and hours worth of books, teachings, and counselling, still wondering about their identity, self-worth and purpose. Maybe it is you? What if the answers you seek were already encoded in the Hebrew letters of your name?



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